Vision “Make our store the one that anyone who visits Monteverde also wants to visit too” We want our store to be one that all who come to the Monteverde area will want to visit to appreciate our handmade products. May all who enter our store take a part of Foresta home with them. We want our products to reach all corners of the world, through the connection and love between people, a gift, a souvenir or a gift of ourselves ...


2. Mission “To keep alive the essence of handmade products through our store” Our mission is to keep alive the tradition of the artisans of the Monteverde region and surroundings, in this way, these professions will not be forgotten and will continue to be a source of income for families. We support artists in the region, many of them women, who create beautiful objects from home to support their families, and sustain their art over time selling the products made by all these special people in our store.


Our store

The only Foresta store is located 100 meters east of the sports plaza in Monteverde, Puntarenas. Foresta brings together artists from Monteverde and the surrounding area. Women and men who work with their hearts and create unique, handmade products. Maintaining techniques of all times, with different materials and with nature that surrounds us as a source of inspiration. In Foresta you can find everything from painting, photography, jewelry, bags made from recycled tires, natural cosmetics, clothing, accessories, batiks, wood crafts, to games for kids and more. Each object is made with great dedication and love for the creative work, with the intention that this feeling reaches all people who wear our products. The market is a medium market where the potential customers are locals from the Monteverde area and also tourists who visit this area. The competition could be other local arts venues located in the area that sell similar crafts to Foresta. However, efforts are being made to stand out with a favorable graphic identity and the development of sustainable and well-positioned e-commerce on a national scale. The current level of development of micro-businesses in e-commerce is low, the store have been "pushed" through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, but the organic development and growth is low. We are two women with children, we don't want to spend a lot of screen time, so this website is dream come true and it's ideal to reduce screen time and just take care of the logistics part. Our ideal customers are between 25 and 35 years old and are interested in household products made of wood, children's clothing, handmade jewelry and other products ... In addition, it is intended to reinforce plus brand identity on social media and promote the site web to shop. For example, upload photos on product networks, where the purchase link to the website is attached.

The hands behind everything


Yamileth López Corella

My name is Yamileth López corella. I was lucky enough to be born in the cloud forest of the Monteverde region, an incredible place where nature shines every day. In this place my creativity came together, inspired mainly by the environment. I deeply consider myself an environmentalist, passionate about everything related to nature. ART

Paula Nijamkin

Foresta is a project run by two artisans, Yamileth and Paula, both passionate about art in all its forms. The shop was born out of a need to sell our artistic creations, and support other artisans in the community and surrounding areas. In this way we created an economic income for their families. After a long time of working in different parts of the country, we decided to create this space with our own style, using materials from the area, so each person who comes to the store can breathe a little of the forest of Monteverde, see the commitment of its inhabitants to take care of the environment and also feel the love for handmade work.